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xenonas-metochi.grStaying in our hotel will cover your needs for relaxing, communicating with your company but also it will give you the opportunity to visit   appreciable  regions.


The historical «Hani of Gravia», the monastery of Virgin Mary Pantanassa (of 15th century), the  traditional, small villages (settlement of Mariolata and Variani e.t.c.) with the particular local culture or the ascents through paths to the Cave of Fairies and the Gunpowder Cave,  full of natural beauties destinations, the national park of Parnassos, the Mine park with descent under the ground, the Thermopyles and also, the Delphi.



xenonas-metochi.grIf you love winter sports, the ski centres of Fterolakka and Kellaria of Parnassos are hardly located  in 26km from our hotel!!


Even a simple walk  around our facilities of 15 acres, will give you the opportunity to see the ruins of  metohi, a domed building made of stone,wich belonged to Pantassa monastery and we had the chance to have in our property and maintain it as an appreciable visiting place with a memorable history because of its age and relation with this monastery of post byzantine years.


xenonas-metochi.grAlso, you should visit the "path of nuns" from where they used to communicate, centuries ago, with the main monastery, a place hard to walk, challenging however, for the daring walker-climber, who desires to explore it.


Furthermore a walk into the plane-tree forest near the river, which is located opposite the hotel, will make you feel relaxed with the company of our horses, offering you the natural energy that only this magical place  can offer!!

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