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Our Chalet touches base with all your Mount Parnassus excursions; Johnny and Gina— in the lounge area– will present and propose such escapades to nearby villages and will organize and guide you through all such events and trips to the mystical and enchanting parts of Roumeli in an area that encompasses a radius of 25 kms from the Chalet grounds :



  • The Oracle of Delphi and related Museum
  • Mt. Parnassus Ski Resort
  • Historic Gravia Inn
  • Vagonetto Mining Museum (20% discount for our clients)
  • Gates of Fire (Thermopylae) and Hot Spings
  • Arachova
  • Damastas Monastery
  • Amfiklia Bread Museum
  • Lamia Fortress
  • Traditional Villages such as Polydroso, Agoriani, Amfiklia, Bariani,Gravia, Kastellia, Pavlani


We will be pleased to touchbase with you for all your excursions !!

Weather in Gravia