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Restaurant - Bar


The Chalet’s Restaurant - Bar offers you a gourmet selection of Mt. Parnassus palatable home cooked treats with that special care only available from our unique chefs and recipes.


We promise you with our monastery type tables, two large fireplaces and a fully equipped bar a unique breakfast, lunch and dining experience with beautiful scenery, and selected music from our music library.


Kontonsoubli (meat on a spit), Pougi Gioulbasi, Kosti with Vegetables, black beer and home made mustards, hand made pita and gourmet salads with dry nuts and Greek cheeses, are only some of the delicacies that our family tradition will prepare for your dining pleasure.


A nocturnal drink or cup of warm wine is the best remedy for a tiring day and also offers an opportunity to convince Mr. George and his sons to escort you to the traditional Metochi structure, a rock building used by medieval monks to host travelers. The structure also contains a wine cellar; paths from the medieval structure also lead to the monastery of Our Lady of Pantanassas.


Chalet Metochi awaits you for coffee and cake, drinks and gourmet food, all within the hospitable confines of a high quality chalet, and intended for those that subscribe to the insatiable desire for life, and adventure...






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