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Children Playground Activities


The heart of Mt. Parnassus, the place where the Olympian gods united, is the place were one can visit unique and fabulous destinations through our well organized hiking tours and mountain bike excursions, especially designed for our guests.




Our paths lead to Baroutospilia (gun powder cave), Naraidospilia (Fairy Cave), the Parnassus natural park, Mount Giona, the Pantanassas and Our Lady of Jerusalem monasteries, Kallidromos Lake and Asopos gorge, King Leonidas’ Gates of Fire, Pavliani Park, or through our Chalet’s forest dwellings; ideal destinations for hikers and bikers forging an unforgettable experience.


Our young friends can play in our wooden hand crafted play ground which include a doll house, wooden horses and slide, within the magical forest dwellings.


Our Chalet thus offers an unforgettable experience for the whole family, children included.

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